Welcome to the official web site in memory of Johnny Warren
by his only child, Shannon
My Dad, Johnny Warren, recently passed away at age 61 after a lifetime of football/soccer  Although Dad had associations with many partners through his life, he only produced one offspring to carry his name forward.  That is me, Shannon.  Before Dad died, I was able to give him three grandchildren and he has just missed out on welcoming the fourth to the world.
This site will be dedicated to the memory of my Dad dating back to before I was born, through the years that he and my Mum were together and continue through the years that I was brought up by my Mum - right up to his ultimate demise from cancer.
I have many old & new pictures in my scrapbook that will be reproduced on this site for you all to see and remember the great soccer/football player that was my Dad.
I will be including an e-mail link where you can contact me with questions about my Dad.  I will try to answer as quickly as bringing up four children allows.
I miss my Dad!

Keep visiting and watch as this site grows.  Shannon
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